About us

Samu Games is currently owned and operated by new business partners Chris Hiem (Chiem), Armand Adams (Deerhunter) and Peter Tovey (Captain). Samu Games continues to create and maintain computer games, with upcoming updates to its current Flag-ship title, Artifact.

Founded in 1999 by David "RM" Michael and Doug "Dug" Michael, Samu Games has created multiple internet based games including Artifact and Paintball NET. Samu Games is currently investing its resources into development for it's biggest and longest title Artifact and will soon be releasing a new website coupled with a new game client and several new features.

How we achieve our goals

We strive to develop the best and most unique playing experiences that keep our players coming back for more.
Open to suggestions
We ensure our players thoughts and suggestions are heard and considered, we do not believe we have the 'best' vision for our games, we allow ourselves to be open-minded in development ensuring our game is everything our gamers expect it to be.
Our ambition
This is one of our key strengths, while we have been around for a long time we have not always had the ambition to deliver our players with the best games that we can. This has changed in recent years and our ambition has grown and as a result of this so has our abilities as a company and as game developers.
Our Passion
We are filled with passion for our games and will never stop developing or trying to improve them for our players and ourselves.